Ultra Swank Photo Group

Titter magazine cover, February 1955.Illustration by Jon Whitcomb for the story The One I Love.Nancy Kwan, 1962On the BankArcherModeling the Latest in Camp Wear
1963 ... 'These Are the Damned'1962 ... 'Planet Of Storms' (USSR)1966 ... 'Fantastic Voyage'1964 ... 'First Men in the Moon!'1966 ... asparagus molests blond!Afro-Cuban Club advertisement.
1943 ... cute little thing!1942 ... tomorrow's destiny!1950 ... still ticking!1956... 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'1956... 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'Art Club
Lovely LadiesGolfersWoman and HorseIllustration from Persil washing powder advertisement.Lady In The Sun illustration by Jon Whitcomb.The Actress And The Cop illustration by Coby Whitmore.

Ultra Swank Photo Group, a group on Flickr.

Check this way out swanky site!


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