My Art and where to find me

“Artist, Designer, Print-maker, T-Shirt creator and Hot Rodder who creates paintings, murals, album covers, concert posters, vinyl toys, skateboards and more.”

This bohemian has a number of stores online that you can visit through this Blog here; MERCH ATTACKS! , so please visit all of them and maybe purchase something you like to help me purchase more tools and materials so I can continue to be a bohemian and create amazing collections of raucous, vibrant and explosive kustom works of art on the planet!

Here’s my BLOG Profile , from there you can access all of my links to my blistering, eye-poppin’ visceral energy graphics for the most discerning highbrow art critiquing connoisseurs to the fun-lovin’ subculture lowbrows or anyone into movies, hot rods, burlesque, horror, sci-fi, pulp, pop and rock’n’roll by visiting my MERCH ATTACKS! Blog.


Thomas Luca – Fine Art

Thomas Luca – Fine Art.

If you appreciate quality extraordinary fine art in galleries then Fine Art America is a remarkable Gallery Establishment worth checking out. It is also Internationally televised so Artists can be sure to be seen and heard all over the world!